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Description: It is a type of processing wax. Beading Wax is a soft wax ideal for dentists to use to bead round the edge of a functional impression prior to casting.

Thickness: 6 mm x 6 mm x 250 mm approx.

Packing: It comes in the pack of 12 strips wrapped in non-adhesive Silicone Paperto facilitate
easy removal

PackingProduct Code
12 Strips2309/012

Intended use / Indications:
Beading Wax is adapted around the impression borders to create the land area of the cast.


  • It is sticky enough to easily adapt at the periphery or edge of alginate impression / final impression by hand pressure.
  • It creates the base of the cast and preserves the outer portion of the cast.

Shelf life and storage:

  • Best before 60 months under proper storage.
  • Store at Temp between 10°C to 30°C
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