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Description: BRW/Classic BRW/Perfect Bite is a type of impression wax with aluminum fillers used in direct technique to record the patient’s upper and lower teeth in the bite position to assist in the making and fitting of dental prosthesis and indirect restorations.

Thickness: 1.7mm to 2.0mm (Custom Thickness Catered)

Size: 160mm X 90 mm

Packing: Each Packet of ‘MAARC’ Bite Registration Wax contains 10 sheets wrapped in non-adhesive Silicone Paper to facilitate easy removal. Available in 250 g pack approx.

Bite Wafers pack of 10 available in 3 variants – Hard, Extra Hard & Zero Tolerance

PackingProduct Code
Bite Registration Wax (Aluminum Filled)2202/010
ClassicBRW Extra Hard(Aluminum Filled)2207/010
Perfect Bite (Zero tolerance)2213/010
Bite Wafers2210/010

Intended use / Indications:For registering bite of patient for prosthetic application

Properties & Advantages:

  • The wax sheets are dimensionally more stable and tough, as compared to the modelling wax base plate wax and does not distort easily due to external factors.
  • The impression of the bite is more refined when recorded using BRW, due to softening of the wax evenly by the aluminum filler particles which disperse the heat
  • The shrinkage after cooling Is negligible due to crystallization of wax around the resin & aluminum particles.

Shelf life and storage:

  • Store at Temp between 10°C to 40°C.
  • Best before 60 months under proper storage.
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