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PackingProduct Code
12 Sheets2201/225
200 g2201/200

Thickness: 1.3 mm – 1.5 mm (Custom Size / Thickness Catered)

Size: 160mm X 90 mm

Packing: Each Packet of ‘MAARC’ Mockup Wax contains 12 sheets wrapped in non-adhesive
Silicone Paper to facilitate easy removal.

Color: White

Product features:

  • It simulates the final outcome. The result is temporary and can be changed according to the patient’s desire
  • It can be repeated as many times as needed in order to select the best possible solution
  • It helps create trust between the patient and the dentist
  • It allows the dentist to evaluate the patient’s desires and change the treatment plan accordingly

Shelf life and storage:

  • Store at Temp between 10°C to 40°C
  • Best before 60 months under proper storage.
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